Cycles Animation 03 - Chains Revisited

I’ve revamped the most viewed video on my channel - originally rendered using BI now upadted and rendered out using Cycles! :cool:

Check it out and let me know what you think, your feedback means alot and helps me grow/push myself. Cheers!

How did you set up the physics for the chain?

I know it is out of focus, but the background seems to be lacking detail, it doesn’t match the rest.

cool stuff, i’m also curious about the chains. I’m pretty sure it was done in the blender game engine though. For a test animation the background is plenty detailed imo

yeah the background lacks a lot. i didn’t put much effort into it the first time around, and i wanted the two animations to match pretty closely (i previously rendered this one in BI which has a lot of hits on my channel - i figured it would make a good candidate to compare to Cycles).

The chains are setup in the game engine. I think I used convex hull (compound) with a fairly large margin. Tweak the settings to your heart’s desire and you should find the sweet spot that you’re looking for.

Hope you enjoyed watching, thanks for the comments! :slight_smile: