Cycles anti-aliasing

Where can I find the settings for this in 2.61? I often have reflective materials and the planes that I use to light the scene always looks super aliased in the reflections.

Cycles shouldn’t need anti-aliasing… It’s probably because your lights are very strong, you could try solving this in the compositor?

Cycles already have full gaussian anti aliasing turned on by default, as Casio32 note you maybe have image color values that more then 1.0, then even after anti alias filter you still have visible square pixels because after cliping to 1.0 some values stay intact and some change from 100.0 to 1, and you got alias. Ideal solution is render to HDR and use some HDR tone mapping with glares, etc. As a workaround you can try to decrease lights or change material to avoid overbright pixels at all.

blender render uses direct lighting only, cycles multiple rays. direct lighting gives sharper shadows. if you want that in cycles use more lamps and decrease the size of the lamps. direct light need more strength. its different then a emission shader added to a plane/mesh.

My lights are very strong, something like a value of 1000 on the emission node. But, it’s a plain emission node, no add or anything like that.

In the properties window set Render -> Film -> Width for the Gaussian pixel filter to 3 or more. If the image looks too soft as a result then set the render resolution scale factor to 200% with the higher Gaussian width then scale down in Photoshop.

I’m new to cycles and had the same problem (nothing labeled “antialiasing”, have to think in more remedial rather than descriptive terms). I’m also a very infrequent blender user and have skipped straight to 2.62 from 2.5x so I don’t know if this is changed from 2.61. Apologies if so.