Cycles Atmospheric Scattering - Volumetrics

Recently I’ve been experimenting with Volumetrics and creating a good atmosphere for a planet. I’ve seen a lot of posts on creating earth but not a whole lot using volumetrics.

I spent about a day coming up with this. The node setup for the atmosphere is rather simple but I know I’m onto something. Would anyone know a better node setup or what would make it more realistic?

Very nice! I agree, you’re definitely onto something. :slight_smile:

I 'd say compare to nasa photo that you need some fresnel transparency or equivalent as the atmorphere show mostly on the border of the planet.

And mostly on night face photo ( but your image as bothday and night earth) it looks like there is two layer of atmosphere one close to the surface with clood on it and one who only make a thin halo who is farther.

Right now the clouds are on there own sphere which has an array modifier to give it some thickness and then there’s the blue volumetric sphere. While it works (the cloud sphere) I’d like to know if there is a way to get rid of the cloud sphere and turn them into a volumetric materiel using the same texture and maybe have the atmosphere on the same sphere too. I’d just need to find a way to control volume depth for the height and color of both the clouds and atmosphere.

Spent some more time playing with the fresnel node. Results are better but still not quite there.

For this I used the same node setup as in the first post. I set the density to 20 and I have the fresnel set to 50 which is plugged into the anisotropy of the volume shader.

OK so doing some further test I’ve gained some ground here. But I just can’t seem to find a good way to bring out the reds in the sunset. There are some reds you can see in the clouds but only a faint amount.

I have been toying with this for quite awhile.
What I did was use 2 volumetric nodes and mix them with a layer weight node so its less dense in the center. I still create the outer atmospheric glow in the compositor. You can also change the color of the atmosphere in the compositor if you set it up right.
You should also use branched path tracing. it produces better results.
Here is a planet I am working on right now. The planet texture I created in a planet generator I made.

Any updates?

Check mine