Cycles background as previous internal default

Hi, how to set background lighting in cycles as was in Blender render by default ?

Please explain precisely (include images, blend files) what you are talking about

What do you have
What do you want
What is the problem

I have an AMD card and cycles lighting doesn’t provide wanted effect -> it has too many small pixels what acctually should be an light.
CPU also.

Blender internal doesn’t have this ugly lightning but then I loose some glossy shaders from cycles.
I want recreating Blender internal default lighting in cycles.

What if you change background image shader to this?
Also, increase render samples from default 10 to 200 or so.

Thanks, I’ll try. How to make rings more reflective and shiny ?

“Always give reflective surfaces something to reflect.”
Right now the environment in your scene is a huge plain grey nothingness, which will result in plain and boring reflections. Get a nice HDR image and use that as environment texture.

This is the same material: On the right with your current plain background, on the left with a HDRI as environment texture…

Also make sure that the emission shader doesn’t overpower the glossy shaders.