Cycles Bake will not bake my mesh, because of a missing texture.

When I bake, it is easily done with cubes and such, however, on the mesh that I have attached, all I get is an error of “No active image found in material” It is very stressing, as I have found , and followed all possible steps to do so.


PublishMap.blend (1.01 MB)

Your blend file is not using any cycles materials and the render set to Blender Render

If you want to bake in cycles you have to use cycles materials.

all I get is an error of “No active image found in material”
Did you create a texture node, create a new image texture and select that texture in that texture node.
Have you watched the tutorials that show you how to bake textures in cycles (youtube) ?

If you want to bake using the blender renderer then select the object, UV unwrap it as you wish (U in edit mode). Split the view and change the second window to an image editor. With the mesh still selected in edit mode create a new texture, then in the Render / Bake settings set what you want to render and press Bake button. In your scene you will get a black result for Full Render as you have no lighting in your scene

For further specific support supply a blend file that is relevant to your question

Thanks for the reply. In that save I changed it to cycles render, I also Unwraped it(smart unwrap), I Made a new Material in node editor, and new image (1024x1024 no alpha) in the UV editor. I selected the image in the node, and kept the node selected when I clicked bake. As for no cycles textures, I can make a cube in Blender Render, and change it over to cycles and it will work just perfect.

Supply a blend file that is set to bake with the cycles render and when Bake is pressed the error message shows

Okay, Here it is!


PublishMap.blend (1.19 MB)

If you read the error message it tells you are missing a texture in a material.

You need to add the texture node to each material after making them a cycles material by enabling use nodes

The bake result is shown below


PublishMap (3).blend (338 KB)

Wow thank you! The only problem is, I want to make it have baked shadows, when i put this inside of material(Linking the image up to emision) there is no shadows at all, and it appears ways brighter than the actual model is supposed to be
Above is what it is supposed to be(when rendered)
This is what it is:

Below is what I added to it(A sun lamp)


PublishMap.blend (1.19 MB)

It WOrked! :smiley: Thanks. However there are no shadows, and the model has getten brighter(WHen Linked to the materials veiw)

Rendered mode up there
Doen here, this is what the baked material looks like. Its bright, and no shadows, even when I add in a sun