Cycles Baking in 2.8 Collection(layer folder) dependent?

Hey guys, I have a flat object A which is supposed to be a metal piece. Object B is a simple sphere with cycle material that emits a surroundings texture. Now I place that sphere close to my flat object A and I get a nice reflection which I see in render view. However - trying to bake it turned to failure and as I found out - only because object A and object B were in different Collections (layer folders) - both of course visible at baking time.

So question, what is the limitations with placing objects / lights etc for Cycles texture baking in different collections? And why in my case I experienced this problem and solved only when placing both objects in same folder?


Turned out that layer was disabled from render. Once enabled - all worked good. I would suggest a icon indicating whether it is or it is not included into render. Otherwise it’s hidden under menus… and you could just guess…

There is an icon, it’s just not shown in the outliner by default. Click the filter (looks like a funnel), there will be a menu that lets you choose additional restriction toggles for the outliner, including renderability.

Thanks for the info, i’ll take a look! :slight_smile: