Cycles Baking, Ivy Extension

For those interested:

Cycles Batch Baking Addon:

Extended Ivy Generator:

Would welcome bug reports on the github pages.

Edit version bumb for BBake due to fixes.

Thanks you so much Florian, I will try it soon…

would you mind mention what has been extented? Thanks

The Ivy thing is basically recoded from scratch with some modifications to some parts of the algorithm.

The ‘extension’ things are:
-added growth animation
-seperation of ivy and leaf creation
-custom leafs possible
-behaves more like a modifier (look in the modifier panel)
-hence more interactive
-nice icons :wink:
-however this is a departure from standard addon coding practices and will therefor not be added to the official blender addon repository.
-this is because it started more as a test and practice thing but turned usefull (for me at least)

The extended ivy addon is great! I really like that it can be animated. And the fact that its parameters are available at any time in the modifier panel (I wish more addons were like this).

Thank you!

mem: another nice thing is: you can start playback and move the collider mesh through the ivy and see it update.

Very nice. Good job. Thanks

That is amazing! Thanks for the tip! Really useful! It’s a shame it can’t be added to the official repository, this is really well done and it works flawlessly. Thanks again!

Hello Florianfelix. First of all thank you for this add-on which I will test. One think I’ve noticed (minor issue) is that the Category isn’t right, being currently “User” while it should be “Add Curve”.

Only for my personal curiosity, what’s wrong with your coding syntax to prevent your add-on to be accepted? Regards.