Cycles bathroom

This is… well… it’s just a bathroom. Rendered in cycles with 500 samples. I really wanted to focus on the modeling of the pipes and whatnot, just as a practice piece. However, I just kept adding to it and this is what I came up with. There is some compositing: RGB curves, vignette but that’s about it!
What do you think?

Hi chrisduenas , looks very realistic but also brand new.
What is about rough glas for the borders, maybe more interesting light effects.

Cheers, mib.

Hey mib! After I posted this, I noticed how clean it looked and I’m working on coming up with a new version now! I’ll also try some new lighting!


Some trim separating the floor and wall would look great

great result! would you mind sharing the ceramic material?

and maybe more, the whole scene??

Hey guys, thanks for checking out and giving some pointers on my scene. I’ll definitely work on all of your suggestions and post an update when I’m done!

Isscpp: Here are the material setting for all the pieces.

the porcelain: Mix shader with glossy and diffuse both roughness set to 0 with a factor of 0.9
the wall: Same as porcelain except the glossy roughness is 0.1
the floor: glossy with a 0.9 roughness
the grout: a diffuse with a slight yellow color and a 0.0 roughness
all of the metal: glossy with 0.1 roughness
and the dividers are a diffuse set to blue with 0.0 roughness
pretty simple settings

let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks again everybody!

Yeah, coming from MR and the MR shaders, I just love that with Cycles, it’s really simple combining shaders into base materials that actually look good when rendering… Very cool. :slight_smile:

Very convincing, except for the pipework above the urinals.

indeed, such easy node setups and still …look at that materials! I don’t like metals so much, but the ceramic is so good, that i thought you made some magic! :wink:
And even without fresnel…
Thanks for sharing
btw, here another question: having your materials plenty of glossy reflections, how many passes the image took to clear?

Those light shafts below the separating walls look really odd to me…

those blue walls are to clean.

Hey guys! Thanks again for checking out my scene!
Writer’s Block: Which part of the pipes needs work; the materials, the modeling, or both?
Isscpp: I will definitely work on the metal materiel, and I rendered 500 samples
LiMuBei: I actually didn’t notice those until now! I will change the light setup for the next render
Kramon: I will definitely work on making everything dirtier. that is one of the big issues that most people have mentioned.

Thanks again everybody!

I’d say the mats, doesn’t quite look like chrome. I’d say it has a slightly plastic look about it.

Are you working off a reference that shows the dividing walls? I think they look too thin, and the mounting on only one edge looks flimsy and easily destroyed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen restroom walls mounted on only one edge like that.

Ceramic material looks nice, the metal of the pipes and divider mounts look somewhat off, can’t put my finger on it.

As everyone else said, too clean unless its a brand new installation :slight_smile:

Overall I think it looks really good though.