Cycles bevel node Set on Wood texture

I have set up of Nodes with wooden texture for a wooden box. I want the box to have a slight bevel, so I added the bevel node since I’m going to render with cycles. When I plug the bevel into the vector of the image map, the texture disappears. What other nodes do I need to add?

Thank you.

You should use the output of the bevel node as a Normal vector, not as a coordinate vector…
Now, mixing the beveled normal with the normal map you already have it’s another story… simplest way is to add both and then normalize. But there are different ways to ‘mix’ two normal vectors.

I think you can just take the output of the Normal Map node and plug it into the Normal Input of the Bevel Node. According to the Blender manual the bevel will be applied on top of the normal map.
The resulting Normal map in the output can then be used as input for the Bump node.

Hey guys, I set up the node if I understood correctly? But I dont see the bevel on the edges.

Doesn’t the edge on the left kinda catch the light as if it were beveled? Or is that done using the modifier?

It might just be the radius being to big. Shouldn’t it only be a couple millimetres (like 0.005)?

It might be a slight bevel, but it’s not so obvious, I set it to 0.050, to see if that would make a difference but not so obvious. The wood actually doesn’t look realistic at all. What other nodes would I have to use to give it a much realistic feel to it? I wanted to add a noise node in case it helps, I tried adding it but got confused where it would plugin into so I deleted it during the process. Can you please show me a Node set up for realistic wood texture?

Start by showing your references for the material you want to create. Without references it’s just fumbling in the dark… :confused:

Here’s some reference images which are wooden carts.

I also tried to add the noise using the wrangler, but I dont know what other nodes go in between to connect to the images.


0.05 in the bevel means it’s trying to simulate a 5cm radius. Try 0.001-0.002 for 1-2mm.
However, for an object as easy as this, I would do geometric bevels or chamfers instead.
I also recommend doing these wooden boards as actual individual boards. I keeps things
nice and separated for UV control, and you get to easily adjust board origin orientation
if you want to go the box mapped approach. I usually go box mapped for wooden stuff.

I don’t have access to my computer this week, but I can take a look on it next week if you upload the file. :+1:

Sure, thanks heaps. I’m more worried about the Node set up, I’m getting awful fireflies and the wood is looking too fake. Ill upload the file, so when ever you got time you can have a look at it.

Kind regards.