Cycles / BI painterly material - possible ?

I am looking into modeling a cloud and applying material with SSS to it so it would end up looking like this:

Has anyone tried making painterly materials in Cycles or BI ? Could you please advise on how to achieve such look ? (It can’t be done using Freestyle because I need to render panorama and Freestyle doesn’t seem work with panoramic rendering)


have you try to paint your own clouds on a sphere then bake it as an HDRI map?

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I am not a great 2D artist, so I am going after 3D. Painting on a sphere is not easy anyway, plus it will create distortion.

paint in 3D is not easy !

i’v seen a lot of nice free clouds HDRI

but why do you want to paint your own HDRI map!

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All available clouds are photographs, not painted at all but rather made with DSLR and chrome ball. I did 't say I need HDRI map. I need to model clouds, have painterly materials, render panorama and convert it into skybox for my game.

So I got this basic quick cloud with super basic material:

How do I make “highlight” stronger?

How do I add more steps, so to speak, to shading (5 to 8 probably, judging by the original image) ?

How do I add rim lighting?

How do I add SSS ?

How do I make gradient background? (color ramp somehow rotated 90 deg. I suspect)