Cycles -> BI

I know there’s a set of instructions showing how to convert Cycles materials back to Blender Internal on another site:

…but I’m getting stuck on the last part, where it says to mess around with the nodes and use render layers nodes. Would anyone mind taking a look at my .blend file? The texture is not showing in Blender Render. Right now I’m trying to convert the brick building texture (looks like a cube) from Cycles to Internal.It’s a pretty big file (27 mb), so here’s a link:


Don’t worry, I’ll just do it the longer way.
I’m just re-applying textures in Cycles Render manually using the texture, material and output nodes.

Try this:

Great, I’ll try that. Thanks.

…It didn’t work out for me. I installed it, but it wouldn’t convert my textures. So my model has no textures on it, and looks like:

It’s not perfect; Cycles to BI is more complicated so some cleanup is needed, but it will save you some mouse clicks.