cycles black faces in the preview render

Hallo, I have a problem that when I render a preview with the cycles renderer in window, some faces appear black. Its very strange because finel render via camera doesnt have this problem and furthermore it seems somehow connected to the height of the object, when i move it up some unit it disapears.
Also the older version of blender does not have this problem with the file…

in this case a blend will be necessary to properly debug.

what blender versions EXACTLY.

pictures, lots of pictures. i have no idea what you are talking about.

system specs? what OS? CPU or GPU?

I have re edited my signature to show my specs, I have blender 2.79 official release,
sharing the file…
Isnt that it is somehow related to the world lighting when I realized I have this object below the horizon?


black faces.blend (2.36 MB)

Select the object and click Object > Transform > Origin to Geometry in the toolbar beneath the 3D view window.
This seems to be a precision issue: The object’s origin is several hundred Blender units away from the actual mesh.

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yap! that is it, Thanx! didnt occur to me! :slight_smile:

Still wondering why in the older version its fine…but that is not important