[Cycles] Blender crash with 11 textures 8192 px. Help me please !!!

Hi all :slight_smile:

I met a big trouble with Cycles. I’m working on a project that has 60 objects. Each element have 3 size textures 8192 px (colormap, normalmap and occlusionmap very detailed). It’s total 180 textures. I have to make an animation about 4 minutes.
At the moment, I just loaded exactly 11 textures in Cycles and is drama … Blender crash.
I can not reduce the size of textures for the sake of realism (pixel relative to the surface).

I have at my disposal an Nvidia GTX580 (memory=3 Gio) and 32 Gio of RAM.
The memory of 3 gio of the graphics card is not sufficient and Blender does not swap on hard disk.

Do you have a solution ? Or a trick to see more texture in render ?

Sorry for my english, thanks.

It sounds like you will have to render this out on the CPU only. it should render fine, but it wll take longer.

Or revise your textures. In a 4 minute animation you can’t possibly need all 60 objects up front and personal for every frame. Make some smaller size textures and swap in the large ones only when that object needs them. When the object is very close to the camera.

Review your shot planning. Perhaps you could make smaller textures and render the entire piece using the GPU. The come back to the frames that really need the 8K textures and render those only on the CPU, as suggested above. Might save you some time…?

Thanks you for the feedback.
Switch CPU is actually a solution, but rendering time is catastrophic. So, the option to calculate with CPU does not seem viable.
I’ll see how far I can reduce the size of textures without impacting quality. :slight_smile:
This is an animation in full HD.

As full HD can only show 1920 pixel maximum, a texture with 8k makes no sense unless you only show 1/4th of a textured plane only and I doubt that’s the case for all of your textures.
Usually 1k textures’ enough for 1920 assuming you show one texture on half the video resolution.

Furthermore, generalized an image holds RGBA, each one’s a char so 8 bits per channel, totaling in 32 bit which is in return 4 byte.
8k textures thus have 61.108.864 pixel and 268.435.456 byte, which are 256 megabyte data per 8k texture.
Your total of 180 textures therefor are 45 GB of RGBA data to hold in the VRAM.
Well, seems your 3GB VRAM are slightly undersized :smiley:

Are any of your images black and white masks? You could uselower bit depths for those images to cut memory consumption. Also getting ridof, or separating alpha masks might help as well.

Thank you, i have reduced textures and created one texture atlas for free slots texture, because texture limit = 96 (en gpu).