Cycles BMPS Test File Grid Floor

The Cycles BMPS, which is used on BlendSwap to show new materials (e.g., has a grid floor with increasing numbers.

Can anyone explain how the floor was done?

I can’t figure out how to increase the numbers and align them as a grid without using any modifiers. Are they linked to the grid object or how does it work? How are they increased for each tile?

I really don’t get it how this was done.

The letters are geometry (font objects), object name is “Numbers” in the outliner.

Yes, I got that. But if you look closely, you can see that the “Numbers” object is actually a single number which is then somehow duplicated and increased for each tile. As there are no modifiers on the “Numbers” object, I’m wondering how it was done.

It is a large field of text, 25 lines each containing 25 “words”. Line spacing is set to 4. Word spacing is set to 9, so the single space between “words” is large.

In edit mode you can change the individual numbers.

Ah, now I get it. Thanks a lot for enlightening me.

Is there an advantage to this approach? Wouldn’t a texture on a plane be less resource intensive?