Cycles Brick Tricks 0.1

Wow. I can’t wait to try this. Thank you

Main reason is that OSL can only run on CPU. That web of nodes is probably sloooow on CPU too

It’s surprisingly good actually. small benchmark on my i7-3770/gtx670, the neon render at low resolution (don’t have the patience for a full render)

nodegroups GPU : 00:37.62
nodegroups CPU : 01:33.71
OSL with osl script : 05:05.98
OSL with nodegroups: 19:28.42

So real question is why this patch was not accepted into master?

my original patch just added rounded corners to the brick texture, that got less than enthusiastic response due to the extra register pressure on the gpu. The offline osl ->nodegroups compiler I use now require no patch, and it’s output will work on any blender version. but could never live as a patch since it only implements ~20% of what osl can do, putting it inside blender would just confuse people on what works and what doesn’t.

Can you release it as standalone? It sounds super-useful!

Maybe at a later point in time, it’s kind of a mess currently.

With the help of Secrop i was able to turn this into a proper add-on, future updates can be found here

Would it be possible to convert this OSL script into nodes?

That, unfortunatly not.
It uses the trace() function and loops which don’t work with nodes; well loops can be done through repetition, but not the trace() function.

Wow wow wow. The standalone addon is great!. Can’t believe I’ve been living without hexagons and rounded squares for so long! Thank you

Added 0.1.2 : Diamond shaped pattern!

you can control the size of the bricks and diamond size

Test render:

Could still be combined with rounded brick shader to get circles in stead of diamonds

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How does it work?

Please, can anybody make an Screenshot for the Nodes.

Thanks in advance

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check the first post… LazyDodo posted a file with examples of how to connect the nodes.
Thought the nodes are now available as an addon, so you don’t need those nodegroups anymore.

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Hi Secrop,

thanks for your answer.

I have tryed the Examples from the first post and they work perfect but I mean the add-on from Post #28

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The install instructions:

After installing them, go to Add-ons>Category>Node in the preferences window, and turn the BrickTricks on.

You should now be able to see the nodes in the node editor, in the Add>BrickTricks menu.

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The addin works in the same way the nodegroups worked, just less fuzzy to work with. here’s the graph from the diamond scene above

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This is nice of you, but that really is the problem.

How do I connect the nodes?

A single screenshot would help me, maybe at the moment I just have a board in front of my head.



Damn, I would have to refresh the browser.

Thank you LazyDodo

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing.

There really is no ‘right way’ to connect the nodes, the previews i make are pretty basic setups, (I explain the basic setup in the first post of this thread) a more talented artist could do so much better with these nodes than any of the previews i made (for instance bigbad’s honeyomb render looks pretty awesome while my setups… … yeah…) so play around, find a setup that works for you!