Cycles bug perhaps, GT 630 4GB, Blender 2.63.17 - r50365M


I have weird bug in Cycles render.

Blender 2.63.17 - r50365M
NVIDIA DisplayDriver 301.42
Vista 64bit SP2
GT 630 4GB
C2D e4500 2,2 GHz
6GB ddr2 ram

So i render with Cycles in GPU compute mode on CUDA.
I start render, it renders ok at first, but then freezes (never rebots driver because i have solved the TDR issue because i had the OpenGL driver not responding forced driver reboot).

It renderes at first maybe 100 samples per pixel, then freezes for 10-15 min, then renders another 30 samples and so on and on and on.
Render had to ba at 500 samples per pixel in 1 hour, but that way it takes over 4 hours.

And my desktop is 100% unusable.

When it renders ok then GPU temp is ~ +60 c
When it’s freezed then drops to 43-45.

GPU load is allways at 99%
But when i it freezes then Memory Controller Load drops from 80% to 3% and stays there.

Scene has
1* HDRmap 10800 x 5400 pix
1* 10M tri model

GPU memory use is ~ 2500 MB but spikes to 2900 MB when i rendered at 1600 x 2400 (3x gaussian)
And when i rendered at 4800 x 3600 (3x gaussian) then memory use was ~2950 MB (didnt watch the spike)

Problems says even with all simple diffuse materials.

And the desktop screencasting wont record anymore when desktop is frozen.
Even if i screencast 1 fps.

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I may be remembering incorrectly, as an AMD user, but I seem to remember some issues with drivers for 6 series cards; try doing a search on the site.

I update driver, let see how this goes. 630 still has fermi GPU.
No, i have the newest drivers, maybe rollback.