Cycles, candle, flame, how?

I’m trying make a simple candle. About flame I’ve decided make it static mesh (no particles). Searching forum I’ve find very useful tutorial from cgtuts. But it uses Blender Internal.
How to make right materials with Cycles Render?
I guess that it should be some mixing Translucent and Transparent Shaders. Or just Translucent shader for candle matherial. But how to fake static mash fire? In Blender Internal, there is color ramp, which uses in cgtuts. But where such turning in Cycles?
In attachment my .blend where I’ve tried making such things, but still it’s not correct. Candle Cycles Test.blend (572 KB)

As I thought, material for candle is Translucent Shader. But still I don’t got it where to turning translucency (though I guess it’s in RGB channels)
And still I don’t know how to fake candle flame without ‘Color Ramp’ in Cycles Render.