Cycles Clamp? What doe's it do?

Recently there’s a new option under the seed, what doe’s it supposed to do?

ok where do you find this var ?


Latest builds -> Cycles Render -> render tab -> integrator -> under ‘seed’… :slight_smile:

accualy, i’ve seen a tutorial (of coure i cant find it…) where seed parameter was used while adding two renders of the same scene to get the less noisy image. with seed u get different noise pattern so if u render one scene with seed = 0 and then render once more with seed =1 u and then add the renders u will get almost the same image if u would render one image twice as long. rendering twice should be shorter, and it is a way to “pause” the rendering. hope i get it clear enough.

This tutorial of Blender Nerd is

Check also the comment from @gexwing. With his method of combining rendered images I get less noise/better results.

Check this article about Clamp: Cycles: Clamp Samples
Practically is for reducing the fireflies.