Cycles - Clouds with procedural textures

Hello…my first post here :wink:

I’ going to create a plante and render it from a space view. I’ve already done the planet and imho it looks good. BUT i like to have some clouds. I tried some real Cloudmaps and they doing fine for single frame render. Even if i rotate them with a divergent speed as the the planet the clouds are “ok” for an animation. But perhapst “ok” is not good enough :wink: !

Now i’m trying to generate clouds with the blender noise texture. An here i’m stuck with the node setup.
I cannot remove the space between the clouds. A thin viel remains. (See attached picture)

As a second question i like to ask, is there a possibility to gernerate a normalmap with a procedural texture to get some “height” to the clouds?


Low Qual Render

Hm…nobody an idea?

I played around with your nodes and this is what I came up with. I added a color ramp and isolated the transparency mask. I added a color stop to it (top yellow arrow) to force colors very close to black to pure black which in turn translates into pure transparency in the material. For procedural cloud cover I think it’s pretty convincing. Adjusting the brightness/contrast and the color ramps gives you thicker/thinner clouds.


Image of earth from wikipedia:

There is a env. preview image for lighting in this blend, available here:

Thanks a lot :wink: That really helps!!!