Cycles Coffee and Espresso

Modeled and rendered in Blender with Cycles 500 pass
Inkscape for receipt text and cup logo
Photoshop for receipt mask and coffee smear.
No lights, only a HDR image for light and reflections.

Click for larger image.

(The picture is updated after have read your suggestions)

Cheers :eyebrowlift2:

Sweet. It makes me thirsty for coffee. :wink:

BTW, how many samples was this render capped at?

nice render, coffee looks just great, are those images? if so, maybe add a bit bump to imitate foam bubbles and make it less flat?
also coffee seeds are bit too glosy i think and chrome material is to bright, but overall nice image

I think it’s great. The only part that bothers me is the dark residue on the inside of the smaller cup. It looks like the foam residue has been allowed to dry on the cup.

All in all, very nice.

That’s actually due to Beans Café having a really crappy dishwasher… ;D

I also like the render a lot. My only issue is with the foam in the bigger cup, especially the foam bubbles, looking a tad flat… But all in all it’s very nice indeed. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for your pointers, they are highly appreciated.
First post has a new updated version.

First version was 400 samples, new version was 500 samples.

Yes both the coffee and espresso surface are pictures of the real thing.
I added some bump to pop the bubbles a little.

I aggree, looking at it after you pointed it out made it look hideous.
I changed the burned smear look.

I agree and changed the bubbles and dried coffee residue.

They need to can that kid!

I see the renders been updated. The dark streaks are gone but the overall look of the foam in the smaller cup looks like it’s changed. It doesn’t seem as good as the old version but without having the two to look at side by side it could be I’m completely wrong. Still it is a far better image than I’m able to create. Thumbs up!

EDIT: @Jakerlund you snuck up on me. I saw the updated image before seeing your reply. Again, it does really look better than most of the coffee images I’ve seen floating around.

Very nice indeed ! :slight_smile:

Like it! Work on the details (materials in this case). Coffee beans, ceramic … teaspoon and check look too perfect.

Not much to say, well done. I’m not sure if you made an adjustment to the bean material after kilbees comment but I honestly think they look flat and dull ( not tot bad, just a little ) and could stand a bump in gloss. Especially being beside the espresso, I always think of an ultra dark roast with the oil brought out a little. Plus a few beans look like they are not sitting naturally, I’ve never tested the physics of a bean though, just seems like the flat portion should be facing completely up.

You pay €3.00 for an expresso in Sweden?!
Ai caramba!

I drink two or three a day and I tell you that seems a delicious expresso!
Good job Jakerlund!

Also the beans look great to me.

No, that’s not correct. An ordinary coffey at a coffeyhouse is like €2.50, an espresso is at least €4.50 or more… And that includes 25% VAT on top of our 30+% taxes. ;D

As Sweden is among the strongest economies in Europe it’s stupid to complain though… ;D

Really nice work! There is something strange with the foam on the left… has someone already said is a little to dry. Also the coffe beans have this dry feeling, but the render is great!

well in italy an espresso I think is 1€ now (or 1,20€… I don’t live in Italy since one year :smiley: ) but I guess people could complain already for that price :smiley:

€0,60 here!!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Actually, i wanted it to be any coffee shop in the world, so i just guessed a price, maybe it’s a little fancier place :slight_smile:
I’ve never done anything like this so it was trial and error all the way.
I agree that the materials looks to clean, maybe i could use some scratches texture to add just a little grunge to them?
I lowered the gloss on the beans a little but my real beans pretty much looked like that (i think it was Lavazza Rossa)
I threw some beans out on my table and looked how they fell and looked and tried replicate it.
I agree the foam looks a little to dry on the left cup, it was painted in by hand afterwards in PS, I didn’t know any better way to add such smear to the inside of the cup.
For better bump/realism on the bubbles i think it need to be particle bubbles, maybe i will try and see if i can make that work :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for all suggestions it really helps a lot!