Cycles crashes during F12 BVH 100% of the time on complex scene

Not sure why it’s happening, I’m guessing it’s because of not having enough RAM. BVH is also very slow. It’s weird because I can preview render all I want with Cycles, it only crashes on F12 render. HELP! Sorry for the multiple posts.

Are you rendering CPU or GPU and how much ram do you have?

If you render with GPU the limit is your VRAM.
If you render with CPU the limit is your RAM.

In any case, Blenders system console (Help>console) will tell you the errormessage.

I see. I render with CPU, I have 3GB of ram, which I guess is not much these days. Been meaning to upgrade. I will try again and see if I can get the error message.

It is also possible that you have an older Blender build and use duplicates (alt+d).
There was a bug that’s already fixed that caused a memory leak filling up your RAM and crashing Blender on render.

Oh. I do use duplicates. I’m using 2.61.0 r42615…?

this still happens in 2.62 official… anyone have any ideas?

Check Subdivision surface modifier and maybe similar, it have different settings for preview and final render and sometime huge difference in scene polygon count between preview and final.

Kemmler did you find a solution on this? I’m having the same issue. I think its a RAM problem because my CPU has 8GB and my GTX560 video card has 2GB. It will render with my CPU but it will take ages to render. I can preview render in the view port fine with the video card but I’m assuming thats lower resolution and the final render I want is 1500x1400. Also the children particles are turned way down. The particle system is for grass and I have some other high detail multiresolution going on too. I think the scene is somewhere around 5 million faces (with all the particles and children displayed)

I’ve got the latest build by the way:)

Happy Blending!