Cycles - Crashes if make scene to complex?

I know it is only in test stages at the moment, but I have a bit of a problem when running cycles. I started to make a hallway scene with arrays and stuff, was rendering fine, then i made the hallway long and if i went into rendered view or hit F12, the programme crashes and closes.

Now my guess is that there was too much for my pc to handle, but i tried to make the hallway very small again and still crashes?

If anyone has any idea of why this happens or if it happens to you help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I just had the same problem. I found that if you apply all the modifiers then it works fine

Awesome mate thanks a bunch :smiley:

Dammit i should have tested before commenting, still no luck, just crashed the programme when i go into rendered view :frowning:

Ha, someone just told me the actual solution :slight_smile: you dont (probably) need to apply all the modifiers, just the curve modifier (im assuming you have one) and obviously all the ones above it. then delete the curve.
Cycles doesnt like curves you see… so even if you dont have a curve modifier, any curve in the scene will cause it to crash. just apply the mod or use Alt+C to convert to a mesh. The point is to delete any curves in the scene

I was having a similar problem, when using cycles, I then realized I have the 32bit cycles, and usually use 64bit so was mostly likely using too much ram for the modelling i was doing.

Thanks very much people these work a charm :slight_smile: help much appreciated :smiley:


Have also discovered that cycles does NOT like layers, any layer but layer 1 crashes blender, and multiple layers does the same, just thought might be useful to know :slight_smile:

Do note though regardless, that Cycles is new and I don’t think it has code to properly handle multiple layers and the option to only view the selected objects yet, since it’s also planned that it may replace BI I’m pretty sure these crashes will be fixed.

Understandably yeah, just thought i might save people some confusion if they couldnt figure out why it wasn’t working :slight_smile: can’t wait for it to become standard :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, I was using multiple layers (x3) just yesterday and they worked perfectly fine

Just tried again and doesn’t render at all, jut crashes, i don’t know what’s up, bring on the official release whenever it may be :slight_smile: