Cycles crashes when change from Rendered to Solid view

Hi guys
Ok here is my problem. I’m working on my first “bigger” scene with cycles. Up to a certain point which I can’t really point out (sadly) everything worked fine. Then suddenly, when, after previewed my Model with the “rendered” view mode, I wanted to change back to the solid view mode, blender crashes. Why is that?
I’m using GPU rendered mode with a GeForce GTX460. When I’m using the CPU render mode, I can change without any problems. I tried to set up a simple suzanne-scene to reproduce the problem, but there it’s working fine with GPU render.
I tried it with a few different builds from without any change to the problem. Currently I’m using 2.60.3 (r41733).

The scene is pretty big. But the problem occurs even when I have just one model of the scene on a seperate layer and just try to render-preview that.

Please someone help me.

Right now Blender doesn’t render in GPU mode at all. I have no idea what I changed but when I render in GPU, Blender prepares the scene and when it starts rendering, I only see chessboard like texture (not the testgrid). The samples are counting up really fast.
When I change to CPU mode it renders the image well but slow.
Any ideas yet?

Maybe your scene is taking up all of the graphics memory?

possible. how can I see how much memory my scene is using?
I thought blender works entirely on CPU?

Only CPU mode use main memory, any other use local GPU for almost all render needs (opposite to other renderers that use GPU only for intersection test acceleretion like some version of Luxrender). You definitely hit that constraints.

You can guess memory usage looking by object and face count, and increase it in mind if any dynamic subdivision used. There is no user visible counters for GPU part in Cycles , maybe some other external GPU debugger applet?

Maybe in the header bar, as shown here:

I don’t know if this accurately accounts for memory used in render while in GPU mode, but how much does your’s say?

86.62M (0.10M)

Thanks dor your answer.
But it can’t be a memory overload it as I didn’t try yet to render the whole scene. I have all my different model on different layers and I’m always rendering only one layer at the time so far. And I was able to render it before. Now I can’t render anything in GPU mode.

No 86.62M will not stop the GTX460… I think cycles is mostly stable now, but sometimes things go bad. Have you tried appending the scene in another blend file?
Also node materials are ‘crash-able’, so check all your materials, does any specific object crash rendering?

Hope you find a solution :slight_smile: