Cycles: CUDA scene-complexity limit?

Hello everybody,

I currently setting up a rather large scene to be rendered in Cycles. It has around 2 million faces. While it doesn’t crash my graphics-driver it doesn’t work either.

When I try to render with CUDA-support it builds the BHV structure but once the rendering starts all I get is a transparent picture.

Are there known limits to what Cycles demands in terms of memory/faces?



Limit is the size of videoram on your GPU.

I too am having the same issue. It was working fine a couple of builds ago. I have a GT 240 512 MB GDDR5.

I sometimes have the transparent viewport rendering problem too.
I agree with jachtarfranko, it’s most probably related to the amount of GPU memory, same problem with octane and other gpu renderers.
In case you have a double screen, desactivating the 2nd screen might save some memory. Also, restarting blender sometimes helps.