Cycles Database that shows What material is attached to what face

When I am applying images to faces on a box. It seams I just cant control what is going on. And inevitable images start getting placed at random on the box. I mark seams on the box unwrap and then assign a picture to that. Then I go to the next side of the box… I apply an image to that side. Then I go to the third side of the box and place and image on the third side of the box. Then I go to the forth side of the box mark the seams unwrap it and assign an image. Then I go to the fifth side of the box and assign and image. Lastly I want to assign a material to the bottom of the box the sixth side of the box and it places that on two sides of the box not one. I don’t know what went wrong or how to fix this.

I have sides A B C D E F and I have images 1 2 3 4 5 and one glass material.

It would seam I could look some place in blender and see where A B C D E F have items assigned to them. Can I look at that in some way. I guess I need to learn python to figure out how to properly place images on to one object.

For sure if I am going to be able to use Blender I need to figure out why I cant control what images get placed where because I don’t get to see untell I place an image where its going to go. It seams when I place images materials I mess up as many things as I fix.

So how do I look under the hood of things and find out what is really going on here with these images. ??

Thank you !

Blend file would help.

I attached a blend file. I am not sure what I did wrong the last time but this time it all worked. Before I tried to use the face select to mark the seams on one of them. This all seams to work this time.
I still feel like I am missing some large concept or information about placing materials on objects. Are there any plugins that might help one diagnose problems with materials. ? Or make it seam less mystical. It just seams like there would be some kind of place that shows what materials are attached to what objects … ? In this case I have 6 materials placed on one object. each one having an image. Did I do this the right way ?


1x4-4didtopnowbottom.blend (1000 KB)

I know that when I am lost as to what is what on the uv with multiple assigned materials I will select a viewport color for each assigned material. It kind of helps figure out which is what when doing the unwrap and what color is going to correspond with which texture you are going to use. However they won’t show up in the uv editor as the assigned colors. But with the sync mesh clicked and face select clicked in the uv editor when you click your face in the uv layout it will highlight it as well in the 3d viewport to show you which face you have selected. From there it is just assigning that face to your texture/scaling/placing it then going to the node editor and setting it up.

Other option is to export the uv layout then combining all your textures inside all the faces of the uv template into that layout in a paint program like Photoshop or Gimp saving it then importing it that way.

I am sure there are probably better ways as I am not the best at unwrapping but that’s just the way I typically do them myself.

As FlyingBanana said. UV-Mapping is the solution.