Cycles Development Updates

There’s an addon “Blender pause”, which lets you to pause whole blender and dump it to tray.
I’ve used it to render big scenes overnight, pausing when getting to computer, and unpausing when going away.
Everything was fine, except of course samples per second, as of blender is just counting start time and end time timestamps, instead of effective time.

Enabling it adds that light to the list of lights that can be sampled directly. This makes sampling the light more efficient, but each sample can only pick one light, so the more lights on the list, the more noise. (branched path can sample all the lights, so more lights on this list means a slower render instead of a noisier one).

Disable it for lights that do not significantly illuminate anything that’s not right next to them. And try to limit how many total lights you have in your scene. (I’d say “limit how many lights you have MIS enabled for” but that implies you can wiggle out of this by disabling MIS on lights that would need it if not for a zillion other lights that also need it. Which doesn’t work)

EDIT: I should note that one of the GSoC projects from last year is “many light sampling” which improves performance when you have a large number of lights with MIS.

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