Cycles Development Updates

^^ This is great news.

where we should ask for info about the new features like “scambling distance”?
Here or Cycles-X thread?

Here is a Thread about Scrambling Distance.


thank you for the link.

scrambling distance came back at just the right moment for me! i was just doing some tests for some 360 vr video renders, which generally tend to need to be high res, high frame rate, and coherent between frames for animation as well as for stereo rendering (which somewhat rules out low sample denoising). turning off scambling creates nice noise-free outputs from relatively low sample counts that are also flicker free. and i find you can hide the shading hard edges with texture detail. i think i’d definitely prefer this approach over trying to manage large scene light bakes. thanks blender! :smiley:


Hi, it seams the HIP system for AMD cards is on the way, first bug report from one of the Cycles developer:

I don´t know if the mentioned AMD driver is officially published at moment.

Cheers, mib

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Cycles Render Meeting Notes:

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What is HD4000?

It’s the “Intel HD Graphics 4000” integrated graphics. If you’re running MacOS after an security update and use the HD4000 as your display device, Blender crashes.

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I hope at some point Cycles team will address deformation motion blur speed. There was some work done couple years ago, and time bvh steps helped a bit, but it’s still far from usable. Same object, same apparent motion, one with transforms, other with shape animation can have from 5x to 10x difference in rendering time, shape being slower. Just right now i have a production scene where without character it renders in 10 minute with motion blur, and with character it’s more than hour…

Another issue is object center points issue with motion blur. Further it is from object, slower the render. Characters often have their centers at 0 while their geo being often at 50 or 100 or even more units far from it, so trying to render them with motion blur often is no use, not even worth a try. Not even mentioning hair… Be ready for 10x rendertimes for characters with hair


Use Embree/CPU if motion blur performance is important to you.

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And that motion blur does not work on animated textures at all.

Oh wow. I wasn’t aware it was this broken. Had a project recently that ended up not being required, that involved making a small animation. Camera movement and animated texture (movie) on a screen, so I figured motion blur would be appropriate. I normally don’t have to do animations, but I’m glad I didn’t have to deliver more than some stills. Hope this gets addressed, and I’m sure glad to be aware of the limitation.

i don’t think movie textures are the problem. the movie already should have motion blur. :slight_smile:

but animating uv-coordinates doesn’t create motion blur?

I tried animating via mapping node and it did not work. I ended up faking it in the compositor with an animated blur node.
The texture in question was far enough away to sell the effect but it was far from ideal.

If someone knows how to motion blur a texture please let me know.

When I tried I just got some averaged color. Camera was the only thing moving, and plate showed an animated image sequence (movie file).

hm, strange… movie textures work for me.

tried searching but couldn’t find, what’s the consensus on using tiled rendering vs progressive in cycles X? I know progressive eats a bit more memory then tiled rendering, but which one would be preferred as just the “default”? And the way you choose tile sizes is it the same theory for cyclesX as with old cycles?

Progressive is default and recommended unless you run out of memory.

progressive is not default in the latest beta build for me though.
thanks for the info!