Cycles Development Updates

I haven’t heard of a specialized feature, but normal compositing should be enough.

One of the best news of this year … Brecht Van Lommel joins the Blender Institute as full time Blender and Cycles developer


Great news indeed, but this isn’t a new thing for Brecht.

Brecht has had paid contracts with the BF a few times before (before and between his stints with Refractive Software and Solid Angle). Hopefully he’ll be on board for the very long term this time :slight_smile:

Yes I know the entire story about, but now I wonder what he can do after the work at SolidAngle and what learned from collaboration with Marcos Fajardo and his team… any way a great opportunity for all us.

OpenCL support for half precision float textures, where supported, is now also in master.


Welp, I can’t render using OpenCL on the lastest buildbot release. Gives me a clang something error on console.

Using Vega 56 in both Windows 10 and 7.

I don’t know how quick buildbot releases get published, but there was a compile error in the OpenCL kernel between July 4th and earlier today. If it says anything about tile_buffer_tile, then future builtbots should have the fix for that.


Yep, seems like this is it. And the build is the one up right now “Jul 06 2018 05:33:46”. Thanks

Just checked & confirmed: Not in latest build yet…
at least for windows – (115.09MB) @ Jul 06 2018 05:33:46


Thanks for fixing that, I forgot to test OpenCL :confused:

Has there been any development on nested dielectrics?

I think Lukas put a proof of concept together a while back, but it I don’t think it got past that stage.

Yup, the new build is fixed but should I expect lower vram usage overall or not?

Only when using external textures in 16bit floating point precision should you expect a difference, anything else remains unchanged.

good news @SynaGl0w

floor, ceil, sqrt and fract support added to the math node for cycles and eevee, texture nodes, and compositing

Fract returns the decimal portion of a float number. I wasn’t familiar with that notation and had to look at the code.


More good news; it seems cryptomatte is coming to blender:
Is that for 2.79 or 2.80 only?

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The 2.7 series is done. They may do a 2.79c bugfix release, but no new features are going to be added.

Maybe in master, a lot of features related to Cycles are already in Master and 2.8 but not in 2.79, all this new features actually. Unless Master becomes 2.8 before :slight_smile:

Happy, this makes me…:grin:

On another topic, are the cycles shader stats ever going to be displayed inside the node editor?

Currently I have to use a custom build to get the info (it just shows SVM stack and SVM node usage):

Would be nice to have a shader compute complexity/profiler value of some sort as well.


Procedural textures in Cycles got a major boost today (in master, you won’t need the 2.8 branch).

The newly enhanced Voronoi texture node

This makes possible a large number of textures that couldn’t easily be done before using the 2.79 toolset.


Whoa… I’m guessing all metrics included?
Any plans of including any of the other BI generators as nodes?

Is a version with this available? I don’t know anything about masters and branches and buildbots and whatnots. The one I find is from Jul 13.