Cycles Development Updates

(moony) #605

Yep - the modo ones do look very similar.

Given that the only packages these textures have appeared in as far as I can tell are commercial ones (Imagine, Lightwave and Modo) - I suspect the source code for these isn’t open and therefore would be unavailable for Blender.

Those textures coupled with cycles nodes would be incredibly powerful.

I actually don’t think there are as many textures as it looks like. Peened for example simply looks like an inverted version of Dino Skin. Similarly Frog Skin looks like Dino skin but with a different falloff curve on the bump.

Some like lattice 3 are easily reproduceable with nodes and many seem to be derivations on Voronoi or Musgrave.

It’s the more regular textures like Parquet, Spots, Stamped, Hexagonal and Octagonal times, Tri-Tiles. Basket, Layer Properties, counter etc that are interesting.

(Ace Dragon) #606

More procedural textures based on structured patterns would be a nice thing to have (as you can’t do everything with the brick, checker, and wave textures without a lot of work).

There is also that current patch that allows for perfectly even crack patterns with voronoi’s crackle setting, but we can also use a depth setting like the noise texture has.

(Ace Dragon) #607

The Embree integration project (in an initial state at least) is now in code review.

Stefan, in a comment, also gives hard numbers for an Agent 327 scene with motion blur, a >3X performance increase while RAM usage declines from 7.1 GB to 6.1 GB

(stanland) #608

I asked in different thread about caustics, but feel that maybe this is the right place to ask about it. Is there any development to make caustics in cycles better?
I know about Metropolis Sampling but is that project dead?

(doublebishop) #609

yes it is dead.

(Lsscpp) #610

I asked on DevTalk, and this is w hat Brecht answers: