Cycles Development Updates

(pixelgrip) #806

lets hope AMD is next

Intel dont do this because they are so friendly,they want the benchmark crown.

AMD 7nm is waiting

i am no fanboy,have used all brands in the past

(Stefan Werner) #807

Who doesn’t?

(rawalanche) #808

I’d very much love Blender to become a battlefield of hardware companies for benchmark crown. It’s a win/win scenario for us, users. As long as performance improvement of one hardware platform doesn’t come at the expense of other (which I am sure BF will keep in check), then there’s nothing wrong with it.

(Klutz) #809

Linus Tech Tips is routinely using Blender in its benchmarking, and from what I understand, LTT is among the most popular tech channels on YT, so good on Blender!

(rawalanche) #810

Yep, many more do too. Even in official AMD releases, you often see Blender. This is really just a great thing overall :slight_smile: Basically render speed optimizations for free :slight_smile:

(pixelgrip) #811

just saying.of course, all improvements for blender are great and welcome.
i wonder, if AMD has noticed Intels support.IIRC AMD has helped blender with the splitkernal for GPU rendering in the past.maybe if AMD see this Intel support, they help with some AMD CPU specific optimization too.

(Thornydre) #812

It looks like the Embree branch has just been merged in master and 2.8 :slight_smile:

(Stefan Werner) #813

Be aware though that it’s still turned off at compile-time and not available in the build bots. One can turn it on for custom builds.

Moving this from the branch to master/2.8 makes it much easier to maintain and develop and should also make it easier for studios wanting to use this in their in-house builds.

(Hadriscus) #814

Okay. What is the decision regarding maintaining two acceleration structures depending on device used ? If one uses CPU and GPU together, will CPU use Embree ?

(cet77) #815

How do you actually turn it on? I compile blender with the make update/ make full command. What do i need to do to try it out with embree?

(mib2berlin) #816

Hi, I try to build with Embree on Linux too and WITH_EMBREE exist in Cmake-Gui but install_deps was not updated with make update and therefor it does not exist --build-embree, for example.
May we open a thread on

Cheers, mib
EDIT: make deps give up with:

type [ 21%] Completed 'external_ssl'
[ 21%] Built target external_ssl
make[1]: *** [Makefile:130: all] Fehler 2
make: *** [GNUmakefile:182: deps] Fehler 2

(cet77) #817

Ah… okay… or… i don’t really understand… but i guess i can wait till it’s in there by default. :slight_smile:

(mib2berlin) #818

May this help a little and work on Windows, mib

(Steffen Dünner) #819

Hmm… could it be that the script hasn’t been updated yet?
No sign of Embree there…

(LazyDodo) #820

There are no libraries yet for windows / mac / install_deps hasn’t been updated either for linux, @skw hate to call you out on this, but you could have scheduled the landing of this diff a tiny bit better with the platform devs, the landing kinda caught me by surprise this morning…

I hope to have the windows libs done in the next few days…

(cet77) #821

It’s probably not that far away… i’ll stake it out and wait… don’t want to break my setup for now… xD

(brecht) #822

Note that this merging was mostly done as a way to help developers cooperate. Embree support is not ready yet to be in an official release, and will not be ready in time for 2.80.

(Stefan Werner) #823

Not at the moment, no. There can be subtle differences still between Embree and Cycles’ native ray interjector, and this could look weird in mixed renders. Long term, some strategy for this must be found when Cycles gets native support for the raytracing hardware from Nvidia (and hopefully other GPU makers).

(cet77) #824

That’s okay. :slight_smile: I’m just a little giddy it’s going in there in the first place. Do you think it might be ready for 2.81? or is it for later than that as well? :slight_smile:

(Stefan Werner) #825 for Linux builds is now updated. You must still opt-in to building Embree by calling it with --with-embree.