Cycles Development Updates

(Steffen Dünner) #826

Just successfully compiled it under Linux Mint. Crashes with an old scene but with new stuff (Suzanne with principled shader and motion blur, duh!) it’s working :slight_smile:


And it’s working in 2.80 as well:

(Steffen Dünner) #827

Quick test for Embree here. I used the 2.79 splashscreen scene available here with 2 changes applied:

  • I set the resolution to 100%, it’s set to 200% in the scene
  • I activated motion blur

Here are the results:

Embree renders over one minute faster and uses less memory. The major visual difference is the length of motion blur on the shards flying around. Agent 327 and the pigeon look pretty much the same though.

(English is not my native language) #828

I had to rename my existing “/home/USER/src/blender-deps” folder, otherwise script refused to download and compile embree. So by renaming the folder then a new folder “blender-deps” has been created and there it has been downloaded and successfully compiled Embree with " --with-embree"

Kubuntu 18.04 here.

(Steffen Dünner) #829

In my case (brand new Linux Mint 19) it was enough to just call --with-all and it compiled without a hitch.

(English is not my native language) #830

@SteffenD, OK. So this is a new Linux installation and you have never run install dep scripts before on it?

By the way, Blender has been successfully compiled. I can enable “Use Embree” option. I have not done tests yet, but I’m curious about “EMBREE_LIBRARY-NOTFOUND” message cmake-gui gave me:

Can this make an improper operation of Embree?

(Steffen Dünner) #831

It’s a 3 days old Linux but I already compiled 2.79 and 2.80 on it. I ran the script with the “–with-all” option a few days ago.

(English is not my native language) #832

My installation is much older and I’ve been running the script for a long time on it. I’m not sure about what the problem may have been.

(Steffen Dünner) #833

Hmmm… this is what it looks like for me:

but Embree seems to be working OK.


but what do these advancements help, when all that’s been saved is spent on fine tuning color
it would be really nice, if the core of visual matter - COLOR CURVES - got the care they deserve
please correct this, it really is more important than ie. left click :wink:

(DDB) #836

reminder : this was about nvidia rtx codes being deeply integrated inside of blender like intel did with embree rught now

i was talking about some treats for all the “render with gpu” users

and well why not amd ? for gpu , right now is not a good time ,we need to wait , and for cpu why not … but they are quite destroying everything with threadrippers so they dont quite need it …

dont forget that all this rtx ray tracing marketing is huge and make a lot of noise in the cg industry, even pixar and adobe switched to rtx …

if cycles and eevee dont support them (real time ray tracing for AO,reflection, lighting for eevee and RT core enable for cycles) and every other mainstream renderers do (and they will ! vray and octane are already working hard on real time eevee like engines with real time ray tracing and Ao …) it will be a good reason to not switch to blender for a lot of pros… so yeah nvidia deep integration inside of blender is quite a big deal …

ps : im not a fanboy either , yes i bought two of thoses ,but before the 2080ti was announced i was aiming at two amd pro duo polaris @16gb vram :sweat_smile:

(pixelgrip) #837

as sayed,ofcourse all opimizations for blender are welcome.

right now we see a CPU battle with Intel vs AMD.if AMD was didnt came up with TR/Ryzen we would still use 4 cores in mainstream.

blender should not forget that it was AMD ,they presented they new CPUs with blender benchmark.without this worldwide attention,i think Intel would not care about blender.

the GPUs is another topic.the big advantage of NVIDIA is still CUDA.with or without RTX, Nvidia is the better choice because of that.

afaik RTX is directx,and blender opengl,i dont know if it would work in blender,maybe with a wrapper,dont know.maybe Nvidia release a source code for opengl who knows.

i am before a new PC build,maybe i wait a few months until the new 7nm AMD Cpus are released.

i wish that the GPU market would be more balanced.Now Nvidias cards are expensive.If AMD can bring new GPUs to the market,like they dit with the CPUs,maybe we see pricedrops like in the CPU core battle.

(DDB) #838

i agree with you , and yes the liscence is totally compatible with blender 100% ton even was enthousistic on twitter about that

(lukasstockner97) #839

Quick note regarding the RTX hype since I’m currently working on runtime profiling anyways: In e.g. the Classroom scene, Ray Intersection only accounts for 35% of the rendertime, so even if it was literally infinitely fast you’d only get a 50% speedup.

Granted, that was measured with CPU rendering (profiling only works there) and other scenes have other ratios, but still, hardware raytracing won’t give you noisefree path tracing in the Cycles viewport or something crazy like that. If you watch the Nvidia demos, even their handpicked AO-only demos have crazy denoising artifacts.

Not saying the technology is bad or anything like that, it’s a great thing to have, but I feel like some people here are taking the (gaming-focused) marketing hype a bit too far.

2.80 and cuda kernel 3.0
(LazyDodo) #840

The embree libs for windows are now available, you should be able to build with master right now, 2.8 probably tomorrow. (some changes need a merge but some other commit got in the way)

(Hadriscus) #841

I see. How come they don’t converge to the same image ?

(Stefan Werner) #842

They use slightly different methods for hair spline intersections, and where Cycles does quaternion interpolation of rotations, Embree does linear interpolations.

(Hadriscus) #843

I did see a difference in the Agent’s backlit hair in SteffenD’s pictures above. Then there’s the difference in motion blur on the shards that he noted as well - would that be because of rotation interpolation ?

In any case, thanks for the accessible answer Stefan. It is great learning bits about how it works under the hood.

(drgci) #844

Is the embre in the master or need to compile the source

(Stefan Werner) #845

Hard to say, I’ll have to take a look at it first. Could be a bug too, you never know.

(mib2berlin) #846

Hi, it is still disabled in master and 2.8 until it is finished.
I guess not enabled before 2.81, you have to build yourself.

Cheers, mib