Cycles Development Updates

(anaho) #847

Does anyone have a link to a windows build?

(Stefan Werner) #848

I took a closer look at this, and it turns out that this is entirely unrelated to Embree:
Open that scene file in a stock (non-Embree) build of 2.79, enable motion blur and render. Now render again without touching anything else. You’ll find the the shards have moved between renders.

(Steffen Dünner) #849

Thanks for investigating and wow, this is creepy… :thinking:

(Stefan Werner) #850

Seems to be resolved in 2.8. Must have been something about when/how particle systems get updated.

(shteeve) #851

hey all,

quick question: most discussions online suggest that sss support on amd gpu’s is still missing. however most seem to be over a year old, and I noticed in official documentation they do list sss as supported under OpenCL:

on my current machine (MacBook Pro with amd gpu) I’m getting black for sss shaders when I switch to gpu rendering (admittedly its a weak 560x). I was wondering if its the specific laptop gpu, I’m missing a step, or its a macOS limitation or something like that.

I was considering stepping up to an epgu with a Vega card, but if some core rendering features are still missing, I’d probably hold off.

many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer clarity on the macos/AMD/cycles situation!