Cycles Development Updates

(anaho) #847

Does anyone have a link to a windows build?

(Stefan Werner) #848

I took a closer look at this, and it turns out that this is entirely unrelated to Embree:
Open that scene file in a stock (non-Embree) build of 2.79, enable motion blur and render. Now render again without touching anything else. You’ll find the the shards have moved between renders.

(Steffen Dünner) #849

Thanks for investigating and wow, this is creepy… :thinking:

(Stefan Werner) #850

Seems to be resolved in 2.8. Must have been something about when/how particle systems get updated.

(shteeve) #851

hey all,

quick question: most discussions online suggest that sss support on amd gpu’s is still missing. however most seem to be over a year old, and I noticed in official documentation they do list sss as supported under OpenCL:

on my current machine (MacBook Pro with amd gpu) I’m getting black for sss shaders when I switch to gpu rendering (admittedly its a weak 560x). I was wondering if its the specific laptop gpu, I’m missing a step, or its a macOS limitation or something like that.

I was considering stepping up to an epgu with a Vega card, but if some core rendering features are still missing, I’d probably hold off.

many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer clarity on the macos/AMD/cycles situation!

(Ace Dragon) #852

Someone recently asked Brecht if there’s any chance of the many-light sampling code from last Summer making it into Blender, this is his response.

In short, he sees it as a top priority, but it likely won’t be in till 2.81 at the earliest. However, he is open to getting it in sooner (as an experimental feature) if a volunteer developer worked to make sure the new code runs well on the GPU and doesn’t cause performance regressions.

(anaho) #853

On the topic of light sampling:
Does anyone know why enabling MIS in branched PT ( with sample all direct/indirect lights on) produces a lot of noise instead of removing it? It is very apparant in the barbershop_interior file for example. Once you disable MIS on all lamps you get a much cleaner image. Is this the expected behaviour or a bug?

(Ace Dragon) #854

Lukas continues work and fixes issues with the new animation denoising patch.

If your last go at animation denoising produced bad results in spots, give the latest version a try.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #855

Umm… Where did the Render Dimensions panel go now? The one where you set the render resolution? Can’t find it :sweat:

(ajarosz) #856

Output tab - third one.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #857

That’s just weird. You usually want to set both the sample count and the resolution, these things should be close by…

(ajarosz) #858

Well, it is quiet logic. Render resolution is for output, so it is with output file format, path etc. Samples are render setting, so they are under render tab.

(burnin) #859

Yay for weird logic, and further render options are way off, up in the menu… :roll_eyes: … UI flow :poop:

(Piotr Adamowicz) #860

Yeah, render settings are all just a mess now, scattered across the UI with no rhyme or reason. It was clear, simple, accessible and all in one place before. Why break it? What is the benefit of the new way? I can’t see it. :neutral_face:

And then there’s all the sub-categories in the render options that hold two or three options, and just make it unnecessarily difficult to find what you’re looking for at a glance.

(ajarosz) #861

For me new way is better. It is up to personal preferences.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #862

What’s better about it for you though?

(ajarosz) #863

Just as I said, for me it has more logic to have it that way. Resolution is for outup - it is for final files. Samples are abstract - they are for render so they are in render tab.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #864

I can’t agree there. Resolution is most definitely a render setting. Probably the most primitive, essential setting there is, as all render engines need it. If resolution were an output setting in the sense that it affects the output, then all render settings would belong there as they all affect the output in some way.

Output is something that concerns files and formats and directories.

(ajarosz) #865

Well, you can have different opinion than me and prefer it to have it in different way. I’m just saying that I like that change and I didn’t have any problms with finding it. :slight_smile: That’s all. Anyway, as all 2.8 it is still WIP. Maybe dev will move it back, maybe not. Who knows.

(docent) #866

It better because its logical.
for eg. before color tab was under scene panel…
Encoding options and format is same place as sampling? It was a mess like desktop with all your files.
This new setup is organized and ready for more options that will come with engine growth.
And when U set up your startup file- Alle subpanels dont have to be touched for most of the time. This all gives less scrolling, and more consistency.
I cannot agree that changing file resolution, output folder and sampling are only things to set up before render… Its just “used to” thing to think it was better.

Perhaps we will be able to setup our favorities panel with sampling and dimensions if this boder someone that much…