Cycles Development Updates

(SterlingRoth) #928

It also generally keeps you corralled in a range of values that make sense, while still allowing the more adventurous to go beyond that.

(BlackRainbow) #929

It does make sense.
As a side note, we still can’t have animation data in between frames for correct render of fast moving motion blurred objects. Only one exception, mdd cache with animated custom frame. Only way to correctly render bee wings with motionblur, for example.

(Jason van Gumster) #930

Why not? Just disable snapping in the Graph Editor and/or Dope Sheet. Then you can put a key on any subframe value you want.

(BigBlend) #931

About time. My r9 390x is getting faster every year.

(BlackRainbow) #932

I knew you can place keys on subframes, but i distinctly remember trying to render it with motion blur with no luck on 2.79. I just tried now, and it’s not a case anymore. Works well indeed. Also works with alembic cache.
Apparently lot of things changed and i hadn’t noticed. Wow!. Sorry for misinformation.

(DDB) #933

anyone notice that instancing don’t work in 2.8 ? is it a recent bug ?

(doublebishop) #934

Instancing is working fine on my end…

Checked my GPU usage via nvidia-smi on linux. This was rendering on a production scene with about 3.5billion tris (heavily instanced trees)… the memory usage was ~2gb for both 2.79 and 2.80. This was also rendered on the latest commit (4d4ae491c80)

(DDB) #935

its a bug
i change every linked meshes with duppligroup and my vram swithes from 19Gb to 3Gb …
quite strange its only on medium priority…

(Ace Dragon) #936

Lukas Stockner is moving forward with his patch overhauling the baking system in Cycles, by committing it to the experimental build.

In short, this means that the experimental buildbot page should now have builds allowing users to test it.

(Ace Dragon) #937

The end of black pixels in denoised highlights?

If so, then all that would be needed yet is the ghosting issues fixed (when bright areas are next to darker areas) and the issue where the presence of volumes decrease denoising quality. That would allow us to safely take full advantage of BPT for the fastest possible rendertimes for high-quality images.

(doublebishop) #938

Float2 support for Cycles has been added

This means UV maps are now stored with half the memory as before. Agent327 shrinks its peak memory from 10931 to 10226 (~7%)

UV maps are just as accurate as before, it was just storing a lot of 0’s for each UV coordinate.


Is MultilayerEXR made/saved in Blender, still exclusive to Blender?

(Steffen Dünner) #940

“Exclusive to Blender”?

I’m using multilayer EXRs coming from Blender in Fusion and Natron all the time without a problem.

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #941

Was it exclusive to Blender before? I thought it was a feature of EXR itself and not a Blender thing. (I remember exporting exr from Vray years ago that behaves same)

(SterlingRoth) #942

iirc, blender was the first program with support for multilayer exr

I don’t have a source for that, though, so consider it anecdotal.

(zanzio) #943

Yeah, I heard the same thing. I think it was in one of the blender conference AMA videos.

(SynaGl0w) #944

Excellent to hear, UV supports named layers, custom normals do not. I have been using double UV layers to store a secondary set of custom normals for use in my shaders. My two UV layers store X, Y, Z, and A (extra use, waste, whatever).

  • There is still no option for U,V, and W.
  • There is still no option for vertex colors to be stored as float instead of byte.
  • There is still no option for multiple custom normal layers.

So until we have an option of UV and W, or an option for floating point vertex colors, or support for more than one custom normal layer, I will have to keep using two UV layers as a workaround for a second set of normals.

(IPv6) #945

Devs was not happy with float vertex colors for a long times… for many reasons.
but recently changed their mind. So anyone wishing to implement float colors are welcome.
Int-ed colors with baked gamma correction indeed very ancient approach //


(Hadriscus) #946

Dang what does W stand for ?

(EdgeMaster) #947

Yeah. I was wondering to!