Cycles Development Updates

(Grzesiek) #968

That is very good improvement. Wondering if the BMW scene is flipped or accurate.

(Stefan Werner) #969

Those are the correct numbers for the BMW scene. Not all scenes benefit equally from optimizations.

Also, with throttling and variable clock speeds it’s hard to get precise benchmarks, so I would not put too much weight into just a few seconds difference.

(doublebishop) #970

Just did a test in one of our production scenes, including compositing and preprocessing times, the total render time was reduced by 5% (1:54 to 1:48)

Nice work!

(Simon Storl-Schulke) #971

Amazing how 6 lines of code can make such a difference.

(Kumaran sip) #972

Still waiting for Intel open image denoiser.

(mathieu) #973

I really like that :slight_smile: 2 lines of code actually for 5-20% speedup, that’s 2.5 to 10% speedup per line, nice. Another good example that benefit to the end user can be inversely proportional to the quantity of code.

(doublebishop) #974

OIDN (intels denoiser) is waiting on a fix from intel before it can be in the main branch of blender –

(DDB) #975

anybody knows if its for the viewport too ?

(Ace Dragon) #976

Something is moving on the denoising side, another fix for black dots.

It also looks like Brecht is doing some Cycles work again, mainly in the area of bugfixing (as 2.8’s feature set is likely frozen now).

(LordOdin) #977

You provided him a link that says nothing about his question lol.

Basically you can enable gpu in your preferences so it has the option to render on gpu with any files that are set to render with gpu. Other wise you will need a script to force any blend file you try to render to render on gpu