Cycles Diffuse BSDF Reflectance

Hi there,

I am just starting out with cycles. BI has this option for matte shaders where you can control a material’s reflectance. That is, the percentage of incident light that is reflected diffusely. Is there a way to do that with Cycle’s Diffuse BSDF material? I have a lot of near white objects in my scene and this “reflectance” option would come a long way to get a render without blown out whites.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

for reflection add the glossy node with a mix shader!


Hi, thanks so much for the quick reply!

By doing it with a mix shader, won’t I be getting a shader that reflects more specularly than diffusely? After all, as the percentage of diffuse goes down, it’ll be more reflective and the other way round it’ll just give me a diffuse shader.

What I am asking for is a control where the lowest value gives me black. That is, no incident light is reflected back. And the highest value implies that the entire intensity of the incident light is reflected back.

Thanks again!

I think I did not read your post very cleary :smiley:

I assumed that you were suggesting to add a glossy with a matte. Now I get your point. But since my object is pretty non reflective, I’ll go for a diffuse shader added to a mix shader. So simple and elegant!

Thank you so much, Sir!


Thanks for the links, some head scratching in there.

I am just doing a bit of wood painted white. So I will tone down the gloss shader or not add it at all.
And thank you very much for the links, RickyBlender!
They’ve definitely a lot of stuff in them!


cycles is still quit new
and you need to check out the different threads with example to better understand how to do things

and it is still in alpha stage so new features will be added later on!

good luck