Cycles: digging into material node setups

Hi blenderheads!

I am starting this thread to explore and share possibilities and flexibility of cycles node materials. I would like to see here something more than just another versions of “glass Suzanne on a plane”. Let’s squeeze the shit out of cycles, find strong and weak points, test it, share, report and help Brecht and his fellow gurus make it awesome :slight_smile:
Its incredible how usable cycles is, even in its very early stage of development. Especially when you compare it with other “one man” engines like Mitsuba or RatGPU. The interactivity is HUGE advance in my opinion.

Yesterday I tested cycles a bit and came across strange behavior of “Mix Closure” material node. Material going through this node is rendered differently than the same material connected directly to Material Output. You can see it here: full image

Is it bug? Or is it correct behavior? I wanted to overlay one material over the other - the similar way of using stencil maps in blender internal.
Anybody tested “Mix Closure” node? Anybody something to share?

The future is bright! (unbiased, physically (almost) correct!)

Ciao, Petr

edit: I am using 36448 64bit build on OSX

Well, obviously the bubbles didn’t work out well.
You need a volume shader for those.

How the behavior changes when mixing materials together or adding them is interesting to say the least.

It may be due to the physically-based design, but it’s not as straightforward as just straight color-mixing, switch around the order and you get something different, sometimes you may need to use something like fresnal or the output of some vector math to get the type of mix you want.

It may be in part due to the fact that the bsdf nodes are different enough that they have their own type of output (the green sockets), the old (non-physical, legacy material) nodes simply made use of the yellow, grey, and purple sockets while these new materials use yet another type.

I use “mix closure” alot… I use it to combine the diffuse and a glossy node so that it retains it’s color without relfecting EVERYTHING!! Otherwise, the glossy is too reflective and looks weird…

Yuo can turn the gloss down you know…

It’s a valid question, and it’s a bug.

When I try to mix my characters skin nodes (diffuse + bump + specular masking glossy) with a translucent BSDF it just renders the skin setup as if the translucent node was having no effect, but when I hook the translucent node directly to the output it works (by itself)…