Cycles + Displacement = out of memory

I’ve been testing some displacement in Cycles recently, it works well until the moment I want to render my scene.
One single very low poly object (42 faces) + adaptative subdivs (becomes 4K faces) + displacement will always run out of memory.
I can’t even render one single object, and I have 32gb memory.
The specs I’m giving seem fairly low but still cycles on my computer can’t handle it.

I think there’s room for improvement there, unless there’s something I do really wrong?

EDIT: Just realized that Blender was computing all objects in my scene while they were hidden, they weren’t excluded from render. But anyway, they aren’t even in the frame, why are they computed.

And 9 objects with displacement can’t be handled, that’s the thing. Does it sound like a lot? How do you make a scene with multiple objects using displacement?

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because cycles uses pathtracing and every single object outside of camera view can influence the picture

try reducing subdivision level in the render settings

Are you rendering with GPU or CPU?

Hey thanks for the reply.
Yeah that makes sense, I tried with both, same result. My gpu sucks tho.

Do you use adaptive subdivision? There was a bug where the normal subdiv was applied on top of Adaptive Subdiv in 2.8, make sure to set your normal subdiv to 0.

Yeah, as specified in OP I’m using adaptative subdivs. How do you set normal subdiv to 0?

It’s the Levels value in the modifier.

It looks like the UI has been changed since, now the subdivision levels are always visible. Before the value was hidden when you checked Adaptive Subdivision, but was still applied.