Cycles displacement test

Testing displacement mapping in Cycles for a new short film I’m working on. The model is low poly, so all detail comes from the displacement map. Cycles really does a nice job!

Nice - great detail, very atmospheric.

Very nice result, Guy!

A simple question: What weight and time to render? more or less?

Thx :slight_smile:

1152 x 648
1 spotlight, 0 GI
5 subdivisions / 8 samples

appr. 2 minutes to render (CPU only) on a pretty standard 2 core pc.

really nice…
after seeing your short films, I’m looking forward to see what will come next! :slight_smile:

great work!

Thanks Tore,

Now I see, so it’s easy then!
Have you use a Displacement modifier or simply the displacement imput, please?

Thanks Secrop!
Spirou4D: Yes, it is very easy to set up: First a subdivision modifyer (5x) and then a displacement modifyer that uses a greyscale bitmap. You can see the settings and the map here

Thanks a lot Tore,

Indeed I see and the result is very good. Thks
Good luck for your films job.
Bye bye

Some further test renderings from the short I’m working on. These are not with displacement maps, just very high polycount.

nice results with displacement. Could You tell is this 16bit/32bit tif/exr? How You generate this maps?? Seems to be exported from sculpture application.

The retopo/baking was done by ZBrush and the map exported to a 16bit tif. :slight_smile:

Super Tore, good result!
Thks for info!

nice work…

Some further rendering test - now with color!! :slight_smile:

Very nice !!! Impressive work.
You could try this:
In zbrush, after baking from the 0 subd level,
You could go to level 2-3 and bake a second bump map. This can be a tangent n-map or a second displ map as bump.
Alternatively, you could subdivide more in zbrush and go for high dens details (as bumps)
Such baked maps (from a higher subd level) produce phusically correct effects as bumps. Using the 0 subd level displ map as bump won’t work correctly.

Sounds interesting, Michalis. I’ll try this :slight_smile:

Hi Tor, very cool your job in color! Good luck and Merry Chrismas!

Thanks, Spirou and a Merry Christmas to you too!

hey tore

dont use old 16 bit “normal” displacement maps (they suck) - use 32 bit vector displacement maps (world) instead!

heres a tutorial (german…)

Thanks for the tip, nudelZ. I’ll have a look at the tutorial, even if my german is a bit rusty :slight_smile: