Cycles dont work on my rx 580

Hi guys, when I selected openCL for videocard, cycles and luxcore dont work even in the viewport, if I select openCL to my processor, render only gets slower, who faced with such problems, how to solve? Blender version 2.91(sorry for my bad english)

Likely some version incompatibility between the graphics card, driver, operating system, OpenCL library, Blender, and who knows what else. It’s often a matter of finding someone with the same hardware and software, same versions, or all same except one thing, to pinpoint the culprit.

Which operating system are you using?

Just to confirm we’re thinking the right thoughts - rendering goes okay with CPU, not GPU, selected?

Do you have previous versions of Blender installed to try? If some 2.8x version works, it’s a bug in 2.90+.

According to a simple google search, Blender users are using rx 580 just fine, mostly, but have some trouble with certain tools such as meshroom.