Cycles emerald material setup


Could somebody please suggest an emerald node setup for Cycles? I was trying to mix in the “standard” diamond setup with some green but the results are not quite there yet…



I’ll start by explaining how this “standard” diamond shader works. Maybe you already know it but just in case you don’t :

You have three glass shaders, one red, on green, one blue. They’re then added to each other which will produce a white glass ((R,G,B) : (1, 0, 0) + (0 ,1 ,0) + (0, 0, 1) = (1, 1, 1)). Then the different IOR values will give different coloration to the diamond here and there (not the best explanation ever). I believe it’s a cheap way to fake how diamonds work.

For emeralds, I would do something like this (a quick and dirty test, can be drastically improved) :

Note that you will have to get a recent build, to get the Volume Absorption shader.

Merci, KWD! This is one cool new feature, indeed!
Here the quick results I got

Node setup for the left one:

Node setup for the right one:

Hey guys your by reading this thread I was able to come up with this.
This allowed me to get this result.

this is the result I got from the node tree above.


thanks for the help