cycles emission animated

Is it possible to animate (turn of and on) imission planes on a time line? I have a character that has a light bulb on his head and I want to turn it off and on as he walks in a dark room?

Both in BI & Cycles, It is very easy to animate the color. for your convenience , some pictures are attached below.
First in Cycles. Select your cube and Add a Material. Set it to emission, and choose any color. I’ve selected yellow.

Now, make sure, you are on Frame1 in Timeline, your cube is selected. Hover your mouse of Emission Color Dropdown and Press right click to get a menu > select “Insert Keyframe”. Your color Dropdown will change and showup a frame around the color, in addition on time line, a yellow bar will appear , which denotes that an animation is added to timeline.

Now go to 20th Frame in time line. go to emission color dropdown. change the color and repeat the process of adding “Keyframe” render your animation.

Blender is loaded with lots of Gems, Hidden Options, explorer and you’ll definitely get something which works good for your.

Wow Dukejib, very very good and thanks so much,I will save this…

Added note, How do you put a image on your reply like you did, I do not have a web page. When I ask questions I would like to put a image to explain better?

On your quick reply tab, 3rd icon from right is Picture upload icon. you can use it upload pictures directly in your post. check the attached picture.

will try it…