Cycles engine flame


I’ve been searching for some tutorials for realistic jet engine flames. Or like the ones at the start of TEARS OF STEEL.

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial? Is it possible in Cycles?

flames use volumetric materials which currently aren’t available in cycles, but they are working on it. google fire tutorial for how to create flames

BlenderCookie made a great tutorial on how to composite volumetric renders from Blender Internal into a cycles scene. Maybe you should take a look at it. But basically you only have to combine all different layers of objects in the right order with mix nodes.

Thanks Tobias. Saw that, of I’m right in thinking, I have to set up the lighting in BI to mimic cycles right?

i don’t think so. all you need is the volumetric light so just have your blender internal scene render out the reflections and specular passes as well as the light pass from your volumetric lamp and just use those in the composite let cycles handle the actual lighting. ( i may be wrong here but try it first if its wrong then you only wasted 10 minutes if i’m right though you saved probably a couple hours )