Cycles fire - "boxy" artefacts and resolution

Hello, blenderminds.

A lame question: is there a way to get more or less decently looking fire in Blender/Cycles, without actually maxing out Division settings? I’ve seen quite fine fire renderings with Division set at 100-150, however I get flame “boxy” and freaky both at 32 and 96-100 rez. The only difference that baking it Blender tries to consume all of the PC’s available RAM…

Blender can fake higher resolutions. Use the “High Resolution” settings in the smoke domain and bake the sim again.

Well, yes, of course I used that setting firsthand, but to very poor results. Baking at 100 main divisions with 8 “Smoke High Resolution” divisions crashes Blender for me. I have 8Gbytes of RAM, and it tends to consume 6Gbytes+ to crash then.

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Looks pretty miserable to me, like an overcompressed JPEG image (PNG here in fact).

Specs: 80 divisions (main), 6 SHR divisions, FFT; light compression.
Blendfile: eclipse2.blend (642 KB)

Have you tried using Wavelet for the high-res instead of FFT?

Yes, with roughly same (miserable) results.