cycles: flouresence arcylic

i have been trying to search the properties of this material for a long time, and finally, i got my hands on a piece of it.
here are some properties i’ve found:

  1. there is somehow some green in this piece of yellow (when looked through)
  2. how ever much light shine on it, it only passes through by not much, but it (most of it) comes out at the sides
  3. it does not emmit light (it looks like it though)
  4. the more surface area that is exposed to ligh, the side /glow/ is greater

here are some pics:

there is one where is lid up bright, this is because on the other side, there is bright sunlight

Looks like a piece of glass with a very high IOR - the reason the sides go bright with more light is because of Total Internal Reflection, such that the light only escapes out the sides.

i checked, the ior is not actually very high, in fact, it’s relatively close to the default;
Poly(methyl methacrylate)
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Acrylic glass

1.490 - 1.492