Cycles fluid sim, remove fluid


I’m experimenting with fluid simulator right now. Can somebody say is there an option to easily remove fluid which goes out of domain (touches domain wall). I’ve tried to put outflow plate in front of domain wall but it don’t give good results.

The correct method is to put an outflow at the location you want fluid to go. If you didn’t get good results, something was set up incorrectly in your simulation and you should show us what you attempted so we can diagnose the problem. Post your .blend file to www/ and share the link here.

Thanks for the answer, here’s my blend file, if you’ll bake it, you will see that some fluid goes inside outflow cude, and stay at the bottom of the domain, but I want fluid to disappear below some level.

You have made a few basic mistakes with your simulation setup. First, all members of the fluid simulation need to be inside the domain. This includes your outflow object, which is sticking out the bottom.

Second, you need to apply all object-level rotations and scales on those members. Select the domain, outflow and fluid objects and hit Ctrl-A to do this. Otherwise the simulation is trying to calculate everything at different sizes and therefore different distances apart than they visually appear, which can create all sorts of odd behaviors.

Third, 65 is a terribly low resolution, and will give you a very inaccurate simulation. There is a relationship between real-world size and resolution, but in any case 65 is more chunky than fluid.

Beyond those steps I’m not sure what your ultimate goal is here, as your description is quite vague. Can you give an example of how you want this fluid to behave, or at least a better description?

Tried your suggestions, but not much difference small particles still go inside outflow cube and stay at bottom of domain.

My goal was remove fluid completely if it appears in some location of scene. For example in my scene I wanted fluid to disappear at the bottom of the domain. Now I suppose there is just no such function… Outflow objects simulated by physics too and have limit, if particle moves too fast then collision not detected and it goes inside object.

Your outflow object is so large that all of the fluid is inside it before it even begins to calculate removal. This is likely causing the error. There is no reason I can see for your outflow to be that tall.