Cycles glass shadows too dark

I was just playing around and noticed that my glass objects (objects with glass material) have the exact same color shadows as opaque objects. Why is this? And how do I fix it?

in cycles it is also function of light sources size and location
can you show some pics !

happy bl

Just the default glass shader on the right and the default nothing shader on the left.

play with light size and intensity

should change the shadows

this is how Cycles work
light sources are more realist in cycles then the fake lights in bl !

happy cycles

see small difference
but cycles is more physicaly realist

the smaler the less dense the shadow is
but not a big difference
try with a spot light should give more control

hapyp cycles


Mix glass material with transparent shader. Than plug lightpath node (shadow) to the factor of mix node. Than you can controll shadow transparency with that transparent node.

Take care

Any light you see in glass shadows are technically causitcs. Do what vandorius said to fake the effect,

Glass material already has transparency, gloss and refraction shaders built in.
In the light paths panel: check ‘shadows’ and uncheck ‘no caustics’.

After some very long renders go back and check ‘no caustics’ again. Start using more solid objects.

I have caustics on all my renders. I never turn that off. My renders aren’t that long. Thanks for the help guys. I’ll try these things out.