Cycles/GPU render error


I am trying to render a scene with cycles by using my GPU (GTX Titan). But I get a strange error message:

CUDA error: Invalid value in cuTextRefSetAddress(NULL, texref, cuda_device_ptr(me
m.device_pointer), size)

Errors do not appear when I generally render other scenes…
If ayone could help me with that, I would really appreciate that!
Thank you very much for your time!


you better file bug report with full information about hardware, scene file, etc


Thank you for responding so fast!
My current scene includes maaaany grass particles and i noticed that if I go over 15000(Emission) x 20 children it shows me the above error… So it might just be a compatibility issue…idk…I will just render with my CPU… :confused:

If it could help, my pc specs are the following:
CPU: i7 3770K 3.5 Ghz
GPU: nVidia gtx titan
RAM: 32 GB @1600 Mhz
Mobo: Gigabyte Z77…THU series I dont remember exactly
And I am using just the default latest version of blender (2.68)

Thank yout for your help :slight_smile:

Hey mib!

I downloaded the scene u linked and I can render it reaaaaally fast…like 20 secs… But in my scene i am just using the cycles hair particle system to create simply grass… And I am wondering why it shows me that error, cause when I render it with my cpu it takes only about 10-15 minutes! So there are no file size or memory problems in my opinion…
Note: The scene just includes a couple of “glass” planes and a very low-poly building…
In case you can help me any further I would appreciate that :slight_smile:

Cheers, Stelios

cuTextRefSetAddress() is internal CUDA function, it is part of proprietary Nvidia driver blob, we have no access to them. I found only one reference googling it, At least it was commented out. So, you barely can change anything, maybe try some beta or old CUDA binaries from NVidia, or refactor scene to use less memory (it is not clear what cause that error, but i guess your scene need some memory, trying allocate it, call is succeed, but result is not pass that check for some reason, probably out of GPU RAM, bad align, or some limited internal CUDA memory pool).

Thanks for your interest storm_st,

To be honest I really appreciate your help BUT…I’m a newbie! :smiley: So, i do not get much of the stuff you mentioned right above…
However, it doesnt matter! I dont think that the same problem will appear in my future scenes that often… If it is easy for you to explain ok, but if it’s gonna take a lot of time, just forget about it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

One thing you can test is to append objects in a new empty file.
After append one object try to render, if it work append the next object.
May you can find the object produce this error.
How many RAM is needed for the scene if you render on the CPU?

Cheers, mib.

In short, bug is probably not in Blender Cycles but in NVidia driver. Better ask at Nvidia driver forum, be ready to provide them scene file and link to blender installation so they can easy reproduce it.

Hey guys! I tried to make everything too low poly and now it starts renderring but there is a problem :confused: The main texture of my building is looking purple …I have checked the path to the image texture many times but it still remains purple…I noticed that the normal map and the specularity have effect on my object but the main image doesnt apply to the surfaces… Any ideas??

Thank you for you time guys!

Hey! I found something… I tried to view as rendered and add each layer one by one! When the scene starts becoming kinda “heavy”
the next layer that I add appears purple…So maybe something wrong with the GPU cores?? I mean it seems like it cant load all the textures…Any ideas?

Hi there all,

I have similar problem.
My system is WIN7 64bit, 16gb ram, GTX560 ti 448 cores, i7 3820

I’m making tutorial of blenderguru. “how to make realistic bread” I open the finished blend, set visual style on rendered (GPU), screens stays black and i get following error:"CUDA error: Out of memory in cuMemAlloc(&device_pointer,size)

What the flipflop is this?!?!?! This GPU is more than a average card is it not? whats the deal here???

I did a rollback, and it gave same problem but with different error code… something about xblocks and yblocks… and the screen was pinkish and greenish… WTF?!? I can’t believe this ship!!

Can someone help me on this please… thanks

If your scene doesn’t fit into GPU vram, you cannot render. It’s the main (and well-known) limitation of almost all GPGPU renderers. Your GPU may be fast, but it has only 1.2GB of RAM, which you can easily run out of.

On top of what Zalamander said, that tutorial uses SSS, which you can’t use with the GPU anyway.

OMG can’t believe that’s the problem… So only solution is upgrade with another card then? Are people working on a fix to combine system RAM during GPU rendering?

Thanks all for info

Are people working on a fix to combine system RAM during GPU rendering?

No, RAM and bus are to slow but there are hybrid render engine like Luxrender.

So only solution is upgrade with another card then?

Yes, I have updated my system with a 4 GB GTX 760 a few weeks ago.
Keep you objects as lowpoly as possible, subsurf 6 is overkill.
Never saw a model need more than 2-3.
Keep your textures small, they need a lot of VRAM.
Use render layers.

Cheers, mib.

Ok thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated