Cycles GPU rendering memory problems with Titan Z

When rendering animation each frame add’s memory: I.e. If we assume the scene is 500M at the frame 1, then in frame 2 it is 700M and in the frame 3 900M and so on until the system runs out of memory and crashes.

My PC has Win 7 Pro, 64Gb RAM, Titan Z 6Gb

Any ideas what to do? (I have updated NVIDIA drivers, tried with old drivers, tried with old version Blenders but the issue remains.)

I really would need to solve this out as I have lenghty animation to render and there is no way I can restart Blender after 10-20 frames…

I actually think that I might have solved my “problem” - for some reason I have enabled “Persistent images” which caused the memory consumption by keeping the data around.

I did not delete this thread, as there is a possibility that someone does wrestle with the same problem. :slight_smile: