Cycles GPU selector


Is there a way to chose the GPU cards combination, those suggested in the preferences are not the one I would like to use. Can I define my own combinations ?


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Without hijacking his topic, but my question is similar to his but with the small difference that I can’t manage to make the GPU support to appear in my drop down list:

How can I make Blender to allow me to choose between GPU and CPU in Cycles?

You do that under File>User Preferences>System :slight_smile:

Oh, thought it was enabled by default (none of the video tutorials I have been watching states that you need to enable this, and I’m using the last 2.62 version).
OpenCL? Typo?

And it appears strangely “different” from the video tutorials, but I suppose it is only interface aesthetics and it is not the wrong option I have been looking for:

Thanks for the info :smiley:

@enricoceric, it is not possible atm. with cycles.
All or one is the only setting.
I´ll try to poke brecht (cycles developer) for a better setup situation.

Cheers, mib.