Cycles GPU Support

I am going to buy a new laptop in August and I am looking at the hp envy 15 3040nr which comes with a radeon 7690m gpu. Does cycles support this card? Im not sure if there is somewhere I can find a list of supported graphics cards. Thanks!

As this has been said many times before, it is recommended not to use a laptop for GPU rendering. CPU is much better for laptops.
Currently the only viable option for rendering in cycles is Nvidia cards.

I can definitely see why laptop cards wouldnt work well, but since this is classified as an upper mid-range gpu i was wondering if it would be able to stand up to the challenge. Also, does cycles not fully support opencl yet?

Supported from beginning (year ago) in NVidia hardware. AMD still have issues even at compiling stage, not tell about execution. We all hope it will be resolved by AMD OpenCL developers, but it take too long, another try will be next 2 weeks, with 12.7 drivers. In short, dont waste time, get only NVIDIA GPU for Cycles.